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Foto This is me! I would describe myself as an enthousiastic and communicative person, who has learned the importance of enjoying life.
"life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get", but if you stay positive and appriciate the little things that life offers you, you will find hapiness.
The most important thing I have learned along my journey through life, is to stay true to yourself. Dare to be yourself and don't let others take a part of your identity. As buddha says: "life begins at the moment when you no longer care about what other people think of you"

My personal values are based on love and honesty.
Wealth comes from love, family, friendship and enjoying the small things in life. Room and security for yourself and others. I see showing my weaknesses and the need for others as a personal strenght. You can only improve yourself once your weaknesses are known. You are not on your own!
Ambition is very important to me and I strive for my beliefs. My ambition and drive today is the dream to become brand manager in the fashion industry. In this way I will combine my knowledge gained through education, with my passion for fashion!
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