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Foto "An archetype is a human type in its purest form. Each type has its own set of values, meanings and personal traits"(Jung). There are 12 basic archetypes.

As I look at my own identity, it is hard to place myself exactly in one of the twelve archetypes. A combination of two archetypes is visable, but both come from the same motivator: Independence&fullfillment. I am a person who is striving for self-actualization.

The achetype closest to me is the innocent. My motto (as related to buddha) is to feel free to be myself and my core desire is to strive for paradise.
Next to this main innocent archetype, I also see the explorer in myself. I want to find out everything by myself and learn from my own mistakes. As scared as I might be, I still have the drive to go out there and explore the world.

The brands that reflect my archetypes are coca-cola and levi's.
If you would like to find out more about archetypes, building brands and define you own, I invite you to read the book the hero and the outlaw by Mark&Pearson
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