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Foto How would you create your own logo? Not for your company, but a personal one. Have you got any idea?

Well I have been thinking about my own logo recently, and I found out is a tough job. Especially if you want it to be really meaningful, it has to reflect to your own identity, state who you are and indicate the brand that is you.
But there are a lot of things included in me.

I am Linda Smits, a senior year student of International Business and Management Studies. I see myself as very communicative, motivated and responsible when it comes to my work, but also enthusiastic and outgoing when it comes to my friends. I love playing tennis, dancing and traveling.

I am very passionate about fashion and I have the ambition to combine this with my study knowledge and become a brand manager in the fashion industry. It is only since a year that I have this ambition and I am very motivated and enthusiastic about it. I would say I am very eager to realize my dream.
In a professional context I am very dedicated and make sure that I will finish every task I am assigned to with the best result possible.

As an archetype I would relate the most to the innocent and explorer. I want to feel free to be myself and let everyone find their happiness, but I also want to go out there, explore the world and strive for my passion dream as a brand manager in fashion.
My values are love, honesty, integrity and staying true to myself.

Somebody last asked me, what kind of animal metaphor I would use for myself. And I had to admit, although I do not like them, it is a cat. On the one hand I would like to explore the world by myself, but at the same time I need the love and security, a sense of belonging from the people around me.

Trough life experiences, I have learned the importance of enjoying the moment and life today. Because you know the saying: “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get”.

How on earth could I include all these attributes in one logo?

In the end I figured out that it could not be anything else but me. An abbreviation of my own name with a full stop. The full stop stands for the fact that I am proud to represent myself and it makes my statement. It is not an exclamation mark because I do not like to shout myself out to the world or put myself too much on the forefront, but states myself and I am happy with it.

What is this like for you? I would love to hear something about you and your identity. Just give me a reaction if you like. I would say it is very interesting to find out.

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